Need PoA from wife in India for home refinance in USA

(Anonymous) #1

Hello Anil,

We are planning for refinance our house in USA and my wife is staying in India right now. Since she is on title, We need to get POA from Indian Embassy as per the lender company.
So what are the documents she need to carry to get a POA .
Can the witness be local to india holiding a Indian ID(Passport/Adhar Card/License)
Any additional recommendations pls.

(Anil Gupta) #2

I don’t understand how you plan to get Indian Embassy attestation when your wife is in India?

Can you explain a little more?

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When one of the dependent is in India and other dependent is USA, If we need any POA then we need to go to embassy and have it notraized.

However in the website above the witness information is not given, i called customer service and they mentioned they cant answer and not allowed to answer any questions and was looking for info.

If the witness are indian citizens without US stamping or normal person there, is it fine.

Please see the live above for details. Im trying to get US Embassy attestation or POA. Sorry if i have stated anything wrong in my initial request.

Thanks for taking time and responding. Appreciate it!

(Anil Gupta) #4

Didn’t you say Indian embassy earlier?
That’s why i asked you about how you can get POA from Indian embassy when you wife is not in USA.

POA attestation from US embassy in India

Indian witness are fine as you are making PoA in India.

The witness requirement depends on the refinance bank in USA and if they need witness signature.

If bank is fine with only your wife’s signature and US embassy notary, then, you can skip witnesses.