Need i94 extension after passport renewal - Does family also need if their i94 is valid?

Hi All,

My passport is renewed and now my visa date and I-94 dates are having discrepancy.

Reading all post understood I-94 date can be extended. My query is I am going with my family ( husband and son ) and there I-94 is up to date till Visa Date.

Do they also need to change there I-94 as someone mention there is inspection site while returning from Laredo Tx border to US and they ask for new I-94?


Family i94 extension is NOT needed if its already valid

Your husband and son do not need a new i94 if their i94 is already valid. At checkpoint, they can just show their current i94 - that’s perfectly acceptable.

Family can cross border and get new i94 - Your choice

Although its not required but if you are asked to cross border and you want your husband and son to be with you, while crossing border, they will also get a new paper i94 when they enter US.

Checkpoint at Laredo TX border - 28 miles into i35 North

Yes, there is a checkpoint (called inspection site) while you are coming back from Laredo, TX border around 28 miles while traveling on to i35 north.

They do check your i94 and legal status in USA papers.

So, important thing to remember is to carry i797 approval original (for all 3 of you or whole family).

This post really helped me.
I travelled Loredo yesterday and my I-94 got extended by visiting CBP office as mention.

Great. Enjoy. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Did you cross the border? Or went directly to CBP office? Could you share the CBP office address and directions to go there?