Need help with concurrent H1B

Hi Anil, I’m currently working for company A on Full time in H1B. However in two weeks I’ll be joining a new job for company B after receiving H1 transfer(premium)approval. Company A is asking me to continue my work(remote) with them even after I join company B and they will file my concurrent H1B using the company B approval notice. 1)Can I continue working with company A on concurrent H1B receipt notice ? Or should I wait for the approval?
2) will there be any issue if company B start my GC processing ?
Please help me

Its better to work for company A after the concurrent H1B approval.

Thank you so much Anil. I’ll do as you advised. Will there be a problem if my company B start filing my perm for Green card. ?

Will my new employer company B come to know that I’m working for another employer company A

I don’t see any problem and nobody gets to know until you tell them.