My status is CR6 and not IR6 should I still select IR6?

My spouse is a US National “ONLY IF SPOUSE IS A US NATIONAL
In this case it is mandatory to add your spouse name in your Passport” But I am on CR6 ( which is conditional and might not change to IR6 until Indian passport expires ) Should I still select IR6?

Why would you select a different code for which you are not eligible?

What kind of application is it?

It’s a passport Renewal application. There is no option to select CR6 but my spouse is a US National.

If I don’t select IR6 it looks like it assumes my spouse is not a US National.

So question now becomes “Should I just select IR6” even though I am CR6?

I can’t really help if you just keep information hidden.

I can’t guess which country’s passport you are talking about.

You should reach out to your country’s embassy to ask your question.

I am sorry, Not trying to Hide information.

I am talking about Indian passport I assumed this site was Indian passport related.

Please let me know if you have any answers. During Covid time I did not want to reach out to the embassy because this is not an urgent matter.