My previous H1b Amendment rejected. Later one approved. Do i need to appear for visa interview again?

My initial H1b got approved for 3 years till 2020 . I applied for Amendment for location and role change in 2017 and my visa stamped ( while Amendment in progress) with rejected Amendment petition number and validity is same 3 years. After that i received RFE and in 2019 it rejected.

I traveled back to India. Again filed for fresh Amendment and it got approved now. My question is do i need to appear for Visa stamping again ? Since my previous Amendment is rejected and visa was based on it,is the same visa valid now?
Or Am i eligible for Drop box option.

For all other question except (I have no refusals for a visa in any class after my most recent visa issuance) this am good.

Am not sure what is my answer to this question.

You can use the same H1B Visa to enter US that has been approved earlier.

The Visa was approved based on the approved initial H1B and not the pending amendment. US embassy never issues Visa on the basis of pending petition.

You can travel using the current valid visa with no issues. Just show the new approved amended i797 at US Port of entry.

You are right with respect to US Visa never denied DS160 question.

Thanks a lot Anil for replying quickly. But why i said visa was based on my petition is i can see a petition number in my visa which is of rejected one. Thats where i got confused. And while going for visa stamping in Ds160 i filled my Amendment petition number.

Hi @b4usat

I am not sure how the visa got approved then.

In this case, it is better to apply for a new visa if you are not sure if the current one is valid.

No where i got questioned for traveling with pending Amendment… So am not sure. Anyways thanks a lot for your help.