Multiple H4 extension applications approved with i94

H1B Extension with company A approved till May 2022
H4 Extension filed by Company A approved till May 2022
H1B Transfer + Extension with Company B approved till August 2020
H4 Extension filed by Company B Approved till Aug 2020

Company B filed for the Transfer when Extension with company A was pending with USCIS and i94 expired. To be on a safer side, they filed for H4 extension as well.
Now, I don’t want to join Company B. What will happen to the the H4 extension application. Is my wife required to leave the country before Aug 2020 to correct her i94? Can she apply for EAD basis the approval that is there till May 2022. Please advice what to do.

You will have to abide by Aug 2020 date if you join new employer.

You will need to file H1B and H4 extension before Aug 2020.

I am not joining the new employer and continuing with the existing one with whom I got an extension till May 2022. That is why I am worried about the effect of the Last Action Rule related to both H1B and H4 i94 dates

You are fine with not joining new employer. They are bound by USCIS to send a withdrawal request as you are not joining them.

I am good as far as the H1B is concerned assuming they will withdraw the application soon.

What about the H4? I don’t think so H4 once approved can be withdrawn since it is not linked to an employer.

In this situation, what is the i94 of my wife now Aug 2020 or May 2022…If it is Aug 2020, how do we correct it to May 2022?

You can keep the H4 i94 paper copy with you which shows longer approval. That will work as a proof.

If you want to be 100% sure and take no chances, you can visit a local CBP office located inside international airport terminal. They have dedicated window to fix i94 issues.

They can update the i94 data in their system and it will reflect online too.

If they don’t update, which is possible as many people have reported that CBP asks you that paper i94 is valid proof, then you can either visit CBP office at Mexico or Canada border to update.

It is still okay to have the paper i94 with you as per my opinion.

Thank you for your response. Do I also need the physical copy of the H4 Approval notice till Aug 2020 to make the CBP Officer understand why we are asking for an update. If Yes, I will have to reach out to the Attorney of the prospective employer and somehow get that i797A from them

Off-course yes, you will need everything that you have to prove your situation to CBP officer.