Multiple H1B transfers during 60 day grace period with severance package


My H1B visa got approved Oct 2019 and its good until Aug 2022. I haven’t gone to India for stamping also till now. My company laid off few employees and my last date with them was on Dec 19th, 2019.

My company is paying me severance pay for few weeks semi-monthly till Jan 23rd ,2020. I’m in my 60 days grace period now.

Found another job with a Consulting company who are sending my petition to USCIS this week of the month and I’m joining them on receipt notice. There’s also another potential full time opportunity that might come and they already told me that they will file the visa in premium and will take max 6 weeks for it to process.

My questions are

  1. If the FT company wants to hire me, Is it still okay to send another petition through them when my consulting petition is being processed in Regular? Also, by what date they should send the H1B petition to USCIS ?

Do I need to tell them about my termination date?

Based on that how recent the pay stubs should be? Just till Dec 31st is enough or Can i use my Severance pay stubs as well (not sure if the pay stub mentions severance on it) ?

  1. I know that we can do multiple transfers but I’m not sure about the scenario of layoff and working on receipt notices. If I join with consulting company on 21st, will my grace period end by then?

  2. If not this FT opportunity, how much time do I have to search for another good job, while my petition with the consulting firm is in process?

  3. How to avoid Bridge petition situation in my case? What other things I should take care of during this entire process of H1B transfer?

  4. What happens if I got denial with FT company. Can I still continue to work for my consulting firm until I receive their response?

  5. What happens if there’s a gap in the paychecks while on H1B, how much gap is good to have?

The main reason I want to know all the above is to avoid any troubles during my visa interview/stamping.


You can start counting your 60 day grace period after the severance package has finished.

@Anil_Gupta Hi Anil, Are you sure about it. It was very confusing because heard multiple versions from multiple attorney