Multiple h1 transfer in parallel

Can multiple H1B transfers be initiated at the same time?

I currently work for company A on an H1B visa. I received an offer from company B a few weeks back and I am waiting for the H1B approval. They have already filed premium and I am expecting to get a decision in the 7-8 days. I got another offer from company C and its in initial stage and it will take a month to file.

i want to join company C but if company B petition got approved, will there be any problem with petition by company c.
or can i join company B meanwhile and then once company c petition is approved can i switch ?

No issue.

That is up to you but again no issue.

Thank you for you reply.
Should I need to inform company C that I joined company B, so that they can transfer the petition from company B to C instead of company A to C?
If I don’t inform company C will there be any issue on the h1 transfer since they will transfer from company A to company C but actually I work for company B

There is no employer information to be filled in the I-129 H1B petition except for the sponsoring employer.