Multiple H-4 EAD filing with current i797 & H1B transfer

Hi Anil,
Here is my current situation:
My wife has H-4 EAD valid till July 2020 so she is eligible for H-4 EAD extension based on my current I-797 which is valid till Dec 2021. Also, I am in process of looking for new jobs and I expect to file for H-1b transfer soon but it is still not fixed

My questions are as follows:

  1. Can We file for H-4 EAD extension stand alone based on my current I-797 since I am technically still employed with my current employer
  2. Let’s say if the 1st case is pending and My new employer files for H-1, H-4 and H-4 ead in premium processing… what happens to the 1st H-4 EAD application and new H-4 EAD application.

Also, is there anyway to indicate that we have already filed for a H-4 EAD application standalone with old I-797 and filed a new one because I moved jobs?

please let me know about it

Thank you

Hi @Ronnie_wies

You can file multiple H4 EAD application.

Each application is evaluated based on the i797 that was attached to it.

There is no formal way to update the new i797 with existing pending application.

Hi Anil,
I have my I140 approved in 2016 and on H1B for last 9 years. My H1B was approved this year but H4 and H4 EAD is pending. I have now initiated my H1 and H4 transfer with two employers. I assume that this should not be an issue. I can get H1 transferred from two employers and decide which one to join. H4 will also be linked to H1 of the company which I would join and will use the same approval notice for stamping if needed. I have not done anything to EAD. Once EAD is due for renew, I can use current H4 extension and I140 to renew.

Could you please confirm the above and let me know that I am not missing anything.

Thanks in advance.