MTR filed in Oct, H4 EAD extension filed on Dec 3 at Nebraska

Hi Anil,
I have opened an MTR on Oct 3rd which is still pending, Am currently on H4 EAD expiring on Feb 29 and applied for renewal on Dec 3rd, (followed your steps to expedite but wasn’t successful) Spouse’s H1 was approved on Dec31st.

My question here is can I travel to Mexico or India for my H4 stamping ? Will that anyway help to quicken my EAD approval?

Any other way to quicken my EAD approval.

Please advise.


Hi @ajh4ead

What is this MTR for? Which application?

Why is MTR filed?

Filed H1 for 2019 was denied and appealed, sent in an I 290B.

Hi Anil, any suggestion ?

did find this. Can you confirm if I can travel with the EAD and H4 status pending ???

Hi Anil, Can you please respond to my query.

Traveling to India just for H4 visa stamping will not expedite approval as per my opinion.

Thanks Anil, I was just thinking the same. I have given my finger prints on Dec 16th and until today the review is not completed