Moving to another team in same company. PERM reset?

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Background -
I am full time employee and
my PERM application has been initiated about 2 months ago.

Scenario change: there may be a change of team based on recent announcement due to which I may be get allocated to team in different group - same company itself though. My roles and responsibilities would be almost the same, but it would be under different reporting manager.

Query1: in this case, will the PERM application should be applied again from start ? Anything else which I should be aware in this situation?

Query 2: can I check my PERM status online based on company filing of PERM? Is this PERM filing date same as PD (priority date) ?

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Change of Job Profile mandates new PERM

If your job profile and its job description changes, then a new PERM is required.

The Job title or job department change itself does not ask for new PERM but any substantial change in job duties will mandate PERM change.

Your employer attorney can guide if the new job profile and old PERM job profile are considered different or not.

Check PERM status online

No, you cannot check PERM status online. Only your attorney can check and track it.

You can just guess the approximate time using the official processing time:

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As per your advice, I will check with the company/attorney if the move to different project means new PERM application needed or not?
Is it correct to say PERM filing date is same as priority date? Or, if its PERM approved date?

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PERM filing date is considered your ‘priority date’.

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