Moving from 263111 to 263112 to be on same list for spouse points

(Ajit) #1

I have successfully been assessed for 263111 Computer Networks and Systems Engineer. I am trying to get the 5 points for spouse.

I am looking for the 511111 and 511112 for my wife. She is working as “Senior Administrative Assistant - Legal Services”. The job descriptions for 511111/2 closely matches my wife’s job descriptions.

But to fulfill the condition “Primary Applicant’s Job List should be same as Spouse’s job list for points” I am planning to get my skills assessed for the jobcode 263112.

Do you think it will be beneficial to try skill assessment for 263112 for the primary applicant.

263112 and 511111/2 both belongs to STSOL.
What will be the disadvantages of moving from 263111(MLTSSL) to 263112(STSOL).

(Anil Gupta) #2

STSOL is for short term occupation demand. The chances of 190 invite are very low in this occupation list.

Apart from that, I do not think there is any other disadvantage if you can get a positive assessment for 263112 for the primary applicant.