Mistake in passport Application on CKGS website


I completed passport application on CKGS website and made a payment. I am now filling the passport application on NRI website. I realized I have made a mistake on CKGS form. My father’s last name is printed first on my original passport. I gave the correct first and last name on CKGS. When I do the same on NRI passport website, the preview is showing his name in reverse order. So, basically I have to correct CKGS form to reflect what is on my old passport.

  1. Will I be able to correct it without paying fees once again?
  2. Can I skip my Father’s name completely and give only mother’s name?

Please help. It’s urgent.

Thank you very much!

I don’t think you are allowed to edit your CKGS application now.

You can give only mother name if the system allows you to skip father name.

Thanks for your reply Anil. Can I cancel my application, get a refund and submit a new application again?

You can cancel your application and then get CKGS refund.