Minor I 94 expired but has valid visa


Minor kid’s on H4 visa I 94 expired in Nov 2018 due to passport expiry. Has valid visa until Dec 2019 and also valid H1 Primary visa. Can we get it corrected near Mexico border?

Hi @padmaja1381

Read this solution:

Will this work since it’s been 10 months?

Hi @padmaja1381

We cannot say. It depends on CBP officer. You have already overstayed 10 months in US.

Do you know that it is very dangerous for future visa applications?

It’s not me, it’s my kids’ and unlawful presence act does not apply to minors. I have read that in USCIS website. Just need to take steps to correct status. Its H4 visa and is stamped and valid until Dec 2019. Thank you for your help on this. I am looking for the right option. NPT or Mexico border. What do you suggest?

Hi @padmaja1381

Nobody can overstay their i94 expiry even if the visa is valid in US.

Rest is your choice and research.
NPT is not a good option as per my opinion.