Minimum Points Requirement for (ANZSCO Code 133111)

Hi Anil,

Can you please let me know the minimum points required for getting an invitation for (ANZSCO Code 133111)–Construction Project Manager?

At this time, you need at-least 80 points for 133111 invitation.

Hello Anil,

I have submitted my EOI today(14/08/2019) for 189 visa. When can I expect an invitation based on your estimation?

Please explain the possibilities for 190 visa.

Hello Anil,

Awaiting for a response on the above subject.

Hi @vipin_ravi

I do not have any estimation for 133111 at this time if you do not have share the points.

Hello Anil,

For 189 I have 75 points and for 190 its 80 points.

Hi @vipin_ravi

You have good chance of invite in 190 category at this time. The 189 invites are seeing a trend where Australia immigration is only giving out 100 invites each month. If that continues, there is no chance of invite with 75 points till Nov 2019.

Some one reported on our whatsapp group that he got invite for construction project manager with 75 + 5 points by NSW.


Great news!! Hope to receive an invitation soon, as I have the same points.

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Hey @vipin_ravi

Are you the one who also got invite from NSW with 75+5 points and shared it on our Australia whatsApp group 1 today?

I was about to share the invite with others here but then realized that name sounds familiar.

Yes Anil, am the same guy who shared the invite details on group 1.

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