Middle Vendor got changed, do we need H1B Amendment?

I am working on EVC model. My assignment got over 1 month back. Now I joined same PROJECT through new Vendor. Note Employer and Client is same but Vendor is changed from V1 to V2.

I am full time employee of E, who filed my H1B Transfer 8 months back, still pending.

  1. In this case, do I need to file H1B Amendment petition?
  2. If yes, then what about existing transfer petition?
  3. If I want to file Premium processing then for which petition it should be?

Please respond your valuable inputs. Thanks.

Hi @LawRule,

  1. H1B amendment is needed if there are material changes in the job that your H1B is approved for.
    Is any information about your vendor mentioned in your H1B?

  2. As per your information, I assume that vendor is just a middleman. It has nothing to do with the job as such.
    The work location, project and everything else should be managed between employer and client.
    In that case, the H1B petition would only carry information about your employer and client.

  3. If I understood your scenario correctly, H1B amendment is not required.

Let me know if you need more information.