Mexico Tourist visa - AVR help

Hello all,

Need your inputs for Mexican tourist visa appointment tomorrow.

H1B I-94 valid until Oct 10th 2022 for family,H1B stamp expired.
H4 EAD expiring Sep 30th.
Have not filed H1 yet due to some passport issues, passport in renewel at SFO. Planning to file premium once we receive.

I am aware we are already late for getting H4/H4 EAD extension and will not receive H4 before Sept 30th. So we learnt the AVR (Cancun) option and looking to avail that end of September.
I heard the processing times of Mexican visa is 2 months hence don’t want to wait till my new H1 renewal is done. Planning to get mine done after my ext.

With lot of struggle we found a Mexican visa appointment at the embassy in our city for my spouse and kid tomorrow.

My question:

  1. Is I 797 approval notice valid document for visa appointment to prove my stay is legal in USA.
    2.They are planning to carry our current I 797 which has validity till Oct 10th 2022. Will it be a problem as we don’t have a longer validity to stay in USA, its less than 3 months? Will they reject the tourist visa.
  2. Do we need flight tickets/stay booked for this appointment ?
  3. I am not going to accompany my spouse and kid, as my passport is in renewal, Is my presence mandatory as they are my dependents.
  4. Heard the tourist visa is given for 6 months, will I get a lesser duration as validity based on my I 797 approval.
  5. Purpose of travel can my spouse say just sightseeing in Mexico or should she talk abt AVR and I 94 extension.


I 797 Approval notice of all.
6 Bank Statements of both, as spouse is working too.
Passports copy.
Marriage certificate.
Birth Certificates of child.(Indian born)
Proof of Address in USA, Smud and PG n E bill.

Let me know if anything else should be carried.


Update: We went for the Mexico tourist visa interview, they denied the visa due to I -94 having less than 3 months of validity, they say that they would give tourist visa only if I 797 has 6 months validity and cannot issue a tourist visa less than 6 months. I was in assumption they will give visa till our I94 expiry(Oct 10th 2022). They said the system wont accept if I have less than 6 months in I 797.

Has anyone got tourist visa approved with lesser than 6 months I 797 validity ? Also I am planning to take my I 797 approval copy latest (once approved) and try for my spouse mexican visa once again. Has anyone used their I 797 copy for getting tourist visa for Spouse.?

My understanding till now, For using AVR and who need Mexican Tourist visa.
Basically it would mean you should apply for H4 and Mexican Tourist visa at the same time(180 days before expiry) if you want to use the AVR option, assume you don’t get the H4 ext in 6 months and have a job which you dont want to loose, at-least you can use your spouse H1 Approval copy and Mexican tourist visa to get AVR done via airtravel) .
Just to be extra prepared with Mexico visa, make sure you have 6 months validity in your current I-797.