Mention Employment offer in Australia details in Form 80


My brother has a construction company in Australia he can hire me in his company.
He can give me an Offer letter now, can i mention this in form 80, Part-R, page-17 where it asks for employers sponsorship details?

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Yes, you can mention any employment offer details from Australian company in form 80.


ok, thank you; as i applied as SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER in my skill assessment and EOI there is no rule that i should only show Software employment, i can also show i got an employment in a construction company or some other outlet?

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I suggest to not show the employment details in form 80 if the job is NOT related to your education and work experience.

Specifying job offer is NOT mandatory. So, you can skip safely.


OK I go you.
One more query, i heard from some people saying we get extra 5 points if we have relavant job offer. Is it true? Points are already calculated while submitting EOI and in EOI application it dint ask for any job offer.
Also one more doubt by April ending my pints will be reduced by 5 i.e., from 75 to 70 for 189 and 80 to 75 for 190, as i have 75 and 80 pints while filing EOI are these points get freezed or as the visa processing time and everything take its own time my point get reduced?

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I do not think you get extra 5 points for job offer in 189/190 visa.

Points are calculated everyday and will be calculated on the day of DRAW. If you have enough points on the day of draw, you will get invitation and then the points are frozen.


Thank you for your patience and all your prompt response.
appreciate your effort. :slight_smile:


Hey are the February results out ??