Maintaining F1-OPT status during COVID-19!


I am a Dec-19 grad (Master’s) from TX. Currently, I am in my OPT period which has started from 10th Feb 2020. I got a full-time job offer in March (in NJ) and my joining date was 30th March 2020. Technically, I should have reported my job details to my university after the actual start date. But, instead I reported that around 24th March and it got updated in SEVP portal. However, at the last moment I got a notification that my joining date has been postponed because my background check is still pending (due to COVID-19 closures).

Now, the situation is, I don’t know what would be my actual joining date as things are getting worse every day. Even, I can not update my university unless I get a new DOJ.

So, my question is: Is it valid if I go with my previous joining date i.e. 30th March 2020? I mean, practically I’m not being paid right now and not even doing any work. I’m just in the employer’s database. Will it create any problem during H1b filing? I am concerned, what if I get my DOJ around May and 10th May is my 90th OPT day?

Kindly suggest me.

Best Regards

I don’t suggest to go by the old date unless your payroll is really going to start on that date.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion !