Made a mistake in filing EOI and got an invite

Hi anil
I claimed 5 extra points and filed EOI by mistake and now when i was about to accept the invite i found it. should i stop accepting the Invite as they will find out and reject??

Also 2nd point
now i have 189 - 70 points and 190 - 70 + 5
By any chance doi get invite before april by either 189 or 190 coz i will loose more 5 points after april

Do not submit Invite with Wrong Points claim

The chances of rejection are high if you cannot prove the points that you claimed and now cannot prove.

You will waste your visa lodge fees and crucial time too if they reject your application.

I suggest to do not accept invite and make changes to your EOI. You will get invite again if you have sufficient points.

189 EOI with 70 points

I can estimate the time to get invite only if you share the ANZSCO code for your job.

Sw Engineering

can you explain in detail on how the sponsorship visa will work and do they have to pay any amount for providing me sponsorship coz I know gettin g invite within 2’months is quiet difficult
So want to know about sponsorship visa as well how
Much okey otmeill take
For sponsoring

261313 has waiting time of 7+ months at this time for 189 visa invite.

Which sponsorship visa are you talking about specifically?

Job sponsorship in my field

Your answer is not clear to me. I am asking about the visa name.

I don’t know the name of visa I am just asking you if there is sponsorship visa which I can get from Australia employer provoding me job and sponsorship so that I get an entry to Australia Or any other option if you can suggest
I have my brother who is a citizen and owns a company there so pls auggeat me any way so that I can get an entry

You can get Visa 489 if any company or a relative can sponsor you.

Do you have any idea how much should my relative or comomay should spend for sponsorship for the visa u suggested??

Now i have 70 points and i will be loosing 5 points in i hardly have 1 month in my hands.
If i try for 489 how much chances do i have t
For getting 489 visa with 65 point’s (as i will be 65 by April) let me know the details

My brother is staying in victoria with pin code 3336
While i am trying to lodge 489 visa it is not accepting this pin code.please help me regarding this
Do the relaative also have to stay in remote area?

Also let me know which state has more chances of getting 489 visa

Please give detail explanation for all my above doubts

I do not have details about how to apply 489 visa at this time.

Oh do you habe any contacts so that you can gather some details regarding the same,!!

Sorry, I do not have any contacts to share at this time.