Lost / misplaced original I797

I have lost/misplaced my spouse’s I797. I have a photocopy of the I797 and have ordered for a duplicate copy from USCIS. Would my spouse need the copy from USCIS to go for visa stamping?

The original copy from USCIS is required for visa stamping at US embassy.

How to get Duplicate copy and how long does it take?

Will USCIS accepts this request via Telephone?

It took us close to 6 months. This is during pre Covid times Applied for it via the company lawyer. Submitted request in mid August 2019 and got the copy in mid Jan 2020.

Form I824 is used for duplicate copy. Filing fees at that time was $465. Lawyer fees extra. One may be able to do this on their own too but I have not checked.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

I am also planning to go through Lawyer .

When you received duplicate copy , Is the notice issued with I-94?

Yes the I797 is issued with the I94. It looks like the original I797. No annotation or wording that its a true copy. Good luck!