Lost job due to H4 EAD Delays - can we expedite?

Any reason h4 ead delays?
It is not fair. Some are getting in 10 days for some even after 6 months no update.
I lost my job.
Any request we can do USCIS to process faster?
After current processing date how long does it take to receive EAD card? Time?

Sorry to hear about the job loss. I can understand your situation.

Unfortunately, you can only wait for decision or file an EAD expedite request.

Hi Anil,

We received receipt number on our H4 visa extension and H4 EAD extension on July 17th, 2019. I gave my Biometric on July 29th, 2019. My visa and EAD will expire on September 6th, 2019 and I will lose my job. I called USCIS and requested for expedite request on 27th August 2019. After two days on 29th August 2019, my expedite request got rejected since I made the request through a phone call, I don’t get a chance to submit my documents.

Now I am planning to expedite through congressman on severe financial loss for her or company bases,

Can you please provide me a list of documents I should submit?

I do have my offer letter, agreement letter and termination letter from my manager and my manager mentioned there will be a financial loss for company and me.

I don’t have any medical documents.

What documents can I submit for child support? My son is going to pre-school, we pay $400 every month as his pre-school expense. We bought new car since I should travel from home to office. Can I provide my car loan expense? But the car is in my husband name.

Please advise.

Hi @banu.yerram

All the documents required to submit with your EAD expedite request are mentioned here.

I do not want to demotivate you but your request has 1% chance of approval based on your situation and financial loss reason.

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