Life Certificate Attestation for pension purposes

Good afternoon,
My mother is a green card holder now living with us in the US in the Greater Washington area.

I need to get my mom’s life certificate attested - her Indian bank is requesting this information, so that she may keep getting her pension. I have the certificate and just need her to sign and the signature be attested by the Embassy and send this to her bank in India. She has not been very well.

Do I need an appointment and would i need to bring her to the Embassy offices on Massachusetts Avenue, in DC? I look forward to your response.
Thanks and Regards
Ayesha Arora

You can send the certificate for attestation by mail to Indian embassy with your mother’s original passport.

Indian Embassy will attest and return it back within a week.

Thank you for your response. Do I send it to the Massachusetts Avenue address? Who do I address this to?
Thanks and Regards

Yes, the Indian Embassy in Washington DC based on your residence address Jurisdiction:

Thanks - would I send it to 2536 Massachusetts Avenue as I live in Maryland or to 2107 Massachusetts Avenue in DC?
Who should this be addressed to.
Thanks again

Send it to Washington DC indian embassy address.
I don’t remember the address. It’s given in the linked message above.

Thanks again.
Do I need to send a self addressed envelope for you to send the passport back?

You have to check the requirement on Washington DC embassy website for return envelope.

I did not find a response which is why I asked. Are you able to assist with this? Nobody responds to voicemails. Would you be kind enough to send me a link with answer from the website?

Here is the link:

It has the mailing address as well.

You have to send a return envelope (with shipping label).