Letter from Australia SkillSelect for Police Certificate explaining the purpose of the application?

Police clearance from Netherlands - need letter for PCC request

I have a question regarding, PCC from the Netherlands requirement.

They are asking for “A letter or document from the organization/body requiring the Certificate explaining the purpose of the application.”

Do you know where to get this from?

Fill PCC application form yourself for the Purpose of request

As per the official documentation from Australia Immigration and Netherlands PCC process, you can fill the information yourself and share the Australia SkillSelect link to show that it is required for Immigration purpose.

Australia SkillSelect WebPage link to use for Applying Police Certificate

Use this page link as it shows that Australia SkillSelect immigration needs a police certificate:

Netherland PCC = Code of Good conduct Application

Information regarding the Certificate of Good Conduct’ (VOG) is available in English.
Relevant document: ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’ ( Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag ‘VOG’).

Note: The application form for the VOG contains a Section (2) that needs to be completed by the organisation that is asking you to provide the certificate.

Fill the section yourself where a REQUEST from Australia immigration is needed

In cases where this is not possible, you have to fill out the sections yourself and provide an official letter, e-mail, webpage information or brochure which states you have to apply for a ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’.​

Is this the application?

Yes, that’s correct link and document.