Leave ACS current employment date blank to get points?


I have a query on counting the employment experience. I have an overall 10.5 years of IT experience and recently I have got my ACS assessment under ICT Business Analyst. The result shows that my experience is considered after March 2011. The irony is the ACS doesn’t has option to show that i am still employed with my current organization and the results letter mentions that i am with my current firm during dec 2009 till Jan 2019.

I am wondering whether I will be awarded 15 points (for 8 plus years exp if I raise the EOI in Mar 2019) or 10 points ( If I raise EOI in Feb 2019).
Please suggest.

You can leave the current employment’s end date blank and EOI will automatically increase your points once you move past 8 years total experience.


Thanks Anil for the clarification. But the ACS result clearly mentions that I am employed with my current firm till Jan 2019 only.

Will EOI look at the assessment letter for awarding points or it will consider the inputs i provide while filing the EOI?

Is there any way or possibility that the ACS assessment will be corrected showing that I am still employed with my firm and regenerate the result letter?

I may sound tense but any clarification is highly appreciated.

ACS report cannot be corrected. They have strict format and they always put an end date to the current employment. You are not alone. It happens with everyone.

As I already said, you are allowed to keep current employment’s end date blank to claim the period after ACS end date to current time. This is allowed in your EOI.

This clarifies. Much appreciated your timely response Anil.

All the best for your PR process.
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