LCA not showing in ICERT - no cases match your search


My employer filed my LCA on October , got certified on November and certified electronic copy is sent to my employer from my attorney.

But I search in icert portal with my case number , it shows" no cases matches your search"
Does it mean that my employer is hiding anything.

I am scared because I got an rfe on Speciality occupation and LCA.

Does any one facing the same issue on LCA " no case matching search"

Hi @Anny

The icert website has not been updated for a while as the LCA processing has been moved to a new system called FLAG recently.

If your employer filed your H1B application, then it means that your LCA was certified. They cannot file H1b without a certified LCA.

The specialty occupation RFE is common these days and can be handled if you can work through the documents.

Thanks Anil!
But I also got an RFE on LCA , that my job duties are not matching with to the occupational title shown in the submitted LCA. but My position falls under the same title itself.
do you have any idea how to deal with this please.

Hi @Anny

This should be handled by your attorney as I can’t help with the limited information you have shared.

Your attorney has access to your detailed LCA, job descriptions, job ads and other such data that’s needed to file LCA and H1B application.