LCA for multiple locations

My new employer has filed an LCA with the client location in Illinois . I am currently in a different location in California. During the initial 1st month i will be working remotely in California, here is my question

  1. Does LCA need to be filed for both the locations ?
  2. Does the prevailing wages should differ according to location ? Because the agreed salary is less compared to my current salary earning in California. If LCA is filed for both location I would be getting a higher salary when am in California and less if i work in Illinois.

Does this Impact anything because the Employer has agreed for low salary and if he mentions high for California location ?


If you are going to work in California remotely for a temporary small period, the LCA is generally not required.

The final place of work should have an LCA though supported by prevailing wage in that area.

Thanks for the quick response.
Can someone (who is not having job now ) join the new company with just having the LCA and H1 transfer petition is not filed yet?

Hi @ram

What do you mean by ‘Not having job’?

Your H1B Visa status depends on your job.

If you have been laid off, then you do have 60 days of time to look for a new H1B Visa

Join new H1B company on LCA filing?

No, you cannot start working for a company only on LCA filing.

You can ONLY start when the H1B transfer petition has been filed with receipt number.