Latest I 94 expired. Old I94 is valid

I was in bakersfield until April 2018 which was valid until feb 2019 . I moved to Houston on new project and file for an amendmemt.

For some personal reason I have to go back India. But I came in US for bakersfield project based on approved petition and visa.

Now I was working in bakersfield as I have approved petition and visa which is valid until February 2019.

Meanwhile I received my amendment petition of Houston (valid till 2021)on 17th December2018.

I went to India on 25th December in emergency and came back January with my old stamp visa(valid till feb 2019)in Bakersfield, California project.

So in the system my latest i94 is showing old petitions date(feb 2019) but my last approved petition for Houston has extended i94 date(march2021).
Now the amendment my attorney file for bakersfield on The latest Houston amendment got denied.

Can I stay in US? Am I allowed to use San Diego i94 extension centers to update my I94? Is it safe if I am allowed.

You can stay and work in Houston, US using the Houston approved H1B.

You can visit San Diego border but your H1B visa stamp should be valid at the time of visit there.

Thank you so much Anil. So even my latest i94 is expired. Latest amendment is denied, I can stay in Houston, US based on the approved amendment I have received for Houston which I received before I went back to India. Basically my I 94 is for expired which I have from my old petition but I can work from the Houston approved amendment petition(with another i94 attached to it) even my last entry i 94 is not updated with this Houston amendment date.

Please note that I got approved Houston amendment before I got latest i94 at POE.(which is expired). So can I go Houston and work there.

I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much.

You do need a new i94 to stay and working in US.

The i94 attached to your Houston Amendment approval is now not valid as you traveled outside USA after that i94 was issued.