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I am applying for my ACS, I have my work experience letters, degree and transcript. I have the following questions:

1: I read on the ACS guideline document which says DO NOT submit “Certified True Copy of original document” what does it mean ?. Does it mean notarization is not required anymore ? So should I upload plain documents.

2: My degree and Transcript are attested from HEC (Higher Education Commission) Pakistan but all the stamps are on the back page, so if I attach the back page along with the front page will it be accepted by ACS ?

3: I have the salary slips from all my employers, but not of the first and last month of employment. They are random, will that work ?. And for my previous jobs I had to close my bank account, so I cannot produce the bank statement for that particular job. What should I do ?

4: Do I need to produce first and last month of salary slips for all the years of employment or just start and end of the employment ?

Please read this:

Hi Anil,
I went through the link you shared before and now again. So I have come to understand that notary is not required anymore since sept 2019.
On the salary slip, I do not have bank statements for Pakistan employment as I have closed that bank account and we do not have income tax forms etc in Pakistan. In this case salary slips will be sufficient ?
And lastly I have random salary slips, like I can produce 3 to 4 months of slips for each employment but they are not for first and last month of every year. And it will be very difficult to get them from the employer as its past many years. Please advise in due course.

The link you have shared is very informative and clarifies most of my queries. Many thanks, would be great if you can please advise on the above.

I fail to understand as to why you don’t have income tax forms in Pakistan?

Government does not take taxes?

In any case, ACS will not approve until you share two separate financial documents for each year of employment.

Hi Anil,
Its a pain to get the tax forms in Pakistan from the authorities, anyway I am arranging for payslips supported by bank statements to comply with 2 forms of payment evidence.

In April 11th the points have increased to 95 for ICT business analyst, therefore I need get my wife for skill assessment as well to claim spouse 10 points. For English she will give PTE and for skill assessment, she is a qualified ACCA (Not member yet) and Bachelors in commerce (2 years degree) with 2 years of work experience. Does she qualify for 5 points in skill assessment ?. How many years of experience do we need to show for her ? and is here current qualification enough. Please advise.

Please read about spouse points here: