Last Indian address was rental apartment - Police clearance certificate India

(neer) #1


I stayed in India 4 years back and got my passport renewed but the address was the rental address that I was staying at. Now I need pcc while I am in USA for last 4 years. Which address do I fill in for the Indian address. Should I give me same rental address or should I give my parents address

Also since I was staying in a different city than my parents or in laws, the police clearance probably cannot be done at their addresses??

(Anil Gupta) #2

You should give your parent’s address to have a better chance of approval in case they do any police verification.

(neer) #3

should I send them a copy of my previous passport (expired), which mentions my parents address since that address was verified with police clearance when that passport was issued 6 years back ??

any other address proof that I need to send ??

(Anil Gupta) #4

No, old passport is not required.
Indian embassy will only need your current valid passport for ID verification.

The address you mention on your India PCC form is what will be used for getting Indian RPO (Regional passport Office) report.

Don’t worry. It is better to give your parent’s address than an address where nobody from your family resides now.

(neer) #5

What about if I have the aadhar card issued with same rental address as on passport. Does sending that will help in giving that rental address as the address on pcc form and hoping for a quicker response from the embassy??

(Anil Gupta) #6

Aadhar card is NOT required.
Indian Embassy only takes passport as your ID proof.