L2B to H1B change of status is approved while L2 extension is in progress

Hi @Anil_Gupta need your help here.

I have my L2 to H1B change of status is approved (on 08/24) while L2 extension is in progress. After change of status to H1B approved I have sent L2 extension (i539) withdrawal letter to USCIS and I have the USPS delivery notice as a proof ( received USPS delivery confirmation on 8/26)
how many days it will take to USCIS to update the case once they receive the withdrawal notice.

What will happen to my status if USCIS still approve the L2 Extension even though I have the proof that they received my withdrawal application.

Please help.

@Anil_Gupta could you please help here.

There is no official timeline to process withdrawal requests that i know of.

It is possible that they first approve L2 Extension and then withdraw it.

If there are issues with the status due to sequence of events, you should be able to prove it using the USPS delivery receipt.

Thanks Anil for your response.