L2 extension timeline and travel plan

I apply L2 - EAD and visa extension on 17 April 2019. Still, I do not receive an EAD card. Last month I got RFE request I submitted
We have India travel plan in Nov’2019
What if we don’t receive the approval by then can I go back to india?

Hi @Jaywant_Patil

Your L2 extention will be automatically abandoned if you travel while it is pending. The chances are high for abandonment.

L2 EAD cannot be approved if L2 extention is not approved.

I suggest to not travel.

L1 petition Is approved already so If L1 visa holder make travel plan is there any issue for L2 Extension and L2 EAD?

Hi @Jaywant_Patil

L1 can travel but i would still suggest to avoid travel plans till all applications are approved.