L2 Extension and EAD Status

Hi Anil,

We filed L1A extension (Premium), L2 Extension and L2 EAD concurrently. RD is 28th August. Biometrics for dependents was done on 24th September. My wife had to travel to India for couple of months. She has L2 Visa stamped till 2021 as they stamped it for 4 years with PED (petition expiry date) same as L1 visa expiry date. She was able to travel back to USA based on my L1 approved petition and her valid visa stamp. There is no update on L2 Extension OR EAD application. I have following questions -

  1. As she has Valid L2 stamp, can she apply for EAD based on L2 Visa stamp, i94 and Approved L1 Extension OR she need to wait for decision on L2 Extension and EAD?

  2. What is probability of getting an RFE as she traveled out of USA? Is there a way to send USCIS new i94 and avoid RFE or it may complicate the case?

  3. What is recommended way of speeding up L2 Extension and EAD approval? - Contacting Ombudsman? Contacting Senator? Visiting Local USCIS Office? Calling USCIS?

She can apply L2 EAD based on L2 visa stamp. There is no need for L2 extension approval. Infact L2 extension is pretty much useless now as she traveled outside US.

The probability of getting L2 extension RFE is 50%. USCIS may ask to submit new i94.

The only way to speed up EAD approval is to file EAD expedite request.

My L2 Extension and EAD extension receipt date is 8th April 2020. On making and expedite request I came to know that Biometrics are required, since my initial biometric was done in India. I have not yet received Biometric notice. Is there any way to raise an expedite request for this? Or can I go walking to the nearest ASC? Anyone who can share experience would be very helpful.

Hi @Yash_Shah

Didn’t you pay biometric fee with your L2 extension application?

Why do you sound like you don’t know about biometric.

USCIS will send the biometric appointment letter and then you can attend it.

You cannot walk-in to ASC center in COVID.

@Anil_Gupta, actually my company lawyer made the payment so i was not aware about the biometric requirement. Only on raising expedite request i got to know that biometrics are required.

Got your point about the walk-ins. Its just that i was came across some articles wherein people did walkin after 3pm, and tried their luck. So was not sure if someone had tried that and could share experience.

Thank you for your response.