L2 EAD USA - Renewal waiting after premium processing

I am on L1 A visa whreby my compnay applied for the extension L1 and L2 which got approved on 14th Sep 2018. The EAD and current visa is valid till Oct 10 2018 .

The new extension is till Oct 10 2020 for both L1 and L2. My company applied the L2 EAD for my spouse concurrent which is received on 19th July 2018.

Whats the expected time of approval as it currently shows case received. Also the L2 approval notice came at mail box while the USCIS site shows case received only. L1 shows approved on the site. Please suggest.

Typo - The L1A visa got approved on 14th Aug 2018 via premium processing.

Current L2 EAD processing time

Was L2 EAD also applied by your employer in same premium processing package as your L1 and L2 extension? The chances are higher for premium timeline for EAD in that case.

But, looks like your L1 and L2 extensions were processed with premium timeline and EAD is still pending.

There is no guarantee that EAD is processed in same timeline. USCIS decides if they want to do EAD in premium or not.

Yes L1 and L2 were processed with premium timeline while the L2 EAD is awaited despite of being filed concurrent … The current EAD expires on 10th OCt 2018 ! What are the best options to expedite . As awlays there is a risk of discontinuation of the Job.


File EAD expedite request

You can file an expedite request with USCIS but, the chances are really very low.
USCIS does not approve expedite request so easily even when your job is at stake.

You did the right thing to apply everything together and that too in premium.
But, it EAD does not get through in premium timeline, it is just pure luck.

Thanks ! Whats the maximum time they may take to approve per current processing times , Also would they request for the latest L2 approval copy as it was not there when we applied EAD . can we raise the SR and is it after 75 days or 90 days of filing .

USCIS service request for EAD delayed processing

If your ‘ case received date ’ is before the date mentioned in the processing time link that i shared above, you can raise a service request with USCIS to check why your case has been delayed.

USCIS now follows this date and timeline to let you raise service request.

At this time, the regular EAD application is taking anywhere between 3 to 5 months.

L2 Extension approval copy

No, they would not ask for it as you filed all applications together.

Ok, It was sent per guideline of concurrent filing mentioned at I539 form which primarily mentions the drop box it goes.

However the L2 EAD was filed on 19th July 2018 and L1A and L2 premium on 20th July.
Both at texas centre.

The L1 and L2 approval came via texas and the EAD was transferred to vermont.

Read lot of post where the conclusion was there is no mention of filing in the same application package.

Our company attorney say once they pick up the file of EAD then they can see in the system that L2 is approved and they would grant it … Is that a fair understanding or we are missing the right info.

Please guidance and suggest.

Concurrent filing and same application package mean the same

In your case, USCIS should be able to find the L2 approval case number. I don’t see any problem there.

Even if they are not able to find (it does happen in some cases - very few though), they will send an RFE to submit the L2 extension approval copy.
So, don’t worry. This is normal.

Can SR be raised on 75th day onwards and also whats the best way to approach the congressmen ( Mail, Meeting or call) the option is there to meet with Staff of congressmen or directly the congressmen.

Encountered a briefing from USCIS office to the stakeholders where the officer confirmed one should raise the request after 75 days . Please suggest .

75 days was earlier guidance that USCIS had for EAD.

Now, they follow a different approach with respect to ‘Normal processing time’.
You can check the normal processing time here:

If your application receipt date is outside/older than the date mentioned, then it is considered outside ‘normal processing time’ and you are allowed to raise a service request.

If not, then even if you call USCIS to raise a service request, they will simply say that your application is currently in normal processing time and you need to wait.

Hi Anil - You have been very helpful hence thanks for that ! We approached the congressmen staff and they have sent us some documents to fill and present our case , We fall under Severe Financial loss category and as EAD is expiring on 10th Oct the job would be lost hence question is what kind of evidences or documents we should provide and also its a financial loss to the company too for the project can we reflect that too. Please suggest .

I have given examples and details on what documents can be submitted for expedite request here:

Check the link and let me know if you need more information.

Well the Card is approved as of 25th oct 2018 which is a good news and really appreciate the help and guidance.

We went to congressmen on 24th oct where the staff was very polite and heard the complete background and case reviewed all documents and submitted an expedite request the very same day.

Not sure what worked but the card was approved the very next day ( 98 days post filing ).

We had created an SR via calling USCIS on 5th October 2018 mentioning Job risk which was denied on 19th Oct 2018.
We also went to the local USCIS field office where it was really helpful and were updated by the office that our case has been adjudicated as of 4th oct.

Once again sincere thanks !

You are welcome @abhinav1979.

Congratulations and I think congressmen request worked in your case because the normal processing time currently is around 5 months.

Good that you spoke to them and got your EAD approved.


Hello Abhinav

Congrats for the approved EAD card. I also have a request to ask you. I almost in a similar situation but my ead expired 3 months ago and I-539 and EAD are in process with vermont centre.

I do not think it will be approved anytime sooner. My husbands L1 is approved and we filed both L1 and L2 concurrently.

Can i also opt to approach the congressman?

We are also in a huge financial loss and my previous employer is waiting for my return.

Could you please help me on how to approach the congressmen, I reside in Quincy, MA.
Any insights on this would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Sriranjani

The process to contact congressman is mentioned here for your EAD expedite request:

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You should approach sure …

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