L2 EAD processing time 2019 Archive

Please can anyone let me know what is the current processing timeline for L2 based I-765 EAD applications.
Mine was filed with Vermont service center in October 2017 but the online status still shows as 'My case was received on 18Oct2017". The VSC webpage shows they are proocessing cases from july 2017. Can that be rela time update?

Is the 90 day period referring to calendar days or working days (mon to fri excluding all holidays). Also, does it help to submit a query if the case is pending for more than 75 days. My attorney has advised me against it and asked me to stay course.

Thanks and Regards, J

Hi Jagjeet,

  1. As per the official USCIS processing times, Vermont service center is processing i-765 cases for L2 EAD’s which they received on or before July 31, 2017 at this time. This makes the current waiting time as 160 days.
  1. If the case is pending for more than 75 days, it definitely does help to call and create a case with USCIS.
    (1) I personally know of a person who’s case was pending for 90 days and when she called up USCIS on 91st day, her case was approved the same day.
    (2) Sometimes, the case files are stuck somewhere in the process. We do not know why they stay like that but they do.
    (3) Her case was for H4-EAD though.

Let me know if you need more information.

HI Anil, Thanks a lot for your prompt revert.

I was just sceptical of making the enquiry with USCIS as my visa attorney advised me against it…according to her experience, inquiries to USCIS are not very helpful and you’re more likely to see smooth processing if you stay the course.

I just dont want to jeopardize my case and I am really confused on the next course of action from here as my case has already crossed the 75 day period mentioned on USCIS website.

Thanks for your advice and guidance.

Regards, Jagjeet

Well, I certainly do not agree with this notion of not asking for the status from USCIS.

Whatever has to happen, will happen.

On the other hand, if you do not have any immediate or urgent need of EAD, you can keep waiting.

If I was in your place, I would definitely call USCIS and ask for status.

They do NOT really do anything extra on your case if you call them.
In-fact, they tell you the current status and ping the person (who is working on your case) sitting on it. It is kind of notification to that person that you called up for checking on application status.

Nothing to worry. It is normal business as usual.

Thank you once again for the reassurance. Means a lot. Although I havent been successfull in calling the NSC…was unable to input my EAD receipt no. Which starts with EAC…(not sure how do I input the alphabets from mobile number key pad). I submitted a query on their website and got an acknowledgement saying they will look into the query and revert by 31st Jan.

Thanks once again for the encouragement.

Best, Jagjeet

Hi Anil, I just wanted to let you know that I submitted a status query for my case by calling the USCIS Customer Service center.

Although, I dont see any change in the online status but I can see in the case history that a response has been provided to my query. I am hopeful and looking forward to their response.

Thank you once again for your words of encouragement which helped me take this step.

Best Regards, Jagjeet

Good to know that they moved :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, you will get your EAD pretty soon now.

The current EAD is highly backlogged for both H4-EAD and L2-EAD. hence, they might be taking time to clear out old cases first.

But, its good that you pinged them!

All the best.

Its been 140 days and I have not received my EAD yet. I cannot raise SR as it says within processing time.

I have not received a single update from USCIS since 4 months.

What options do I have with me ?

Hi @Ekta_Singh

You can only raise an EAD expedite request. If not, there is no other option but to wait.

Thank you so much for your reply.

Yes,I am waiting patiently but confused as many people who applied after me have received their EAD. Could you please tell me what if I do not get my EAD in these 10 days ( normal processing time ) What options do I have ?

Hi @Ekta_Singh

I already told the options in my earlier answer.

Hi Anil,
My status got updated as RFE on September 17,2019.

I was waiting for the USCIS notice but I haven’t received it yet.

I was bit curious so I contacted my congresswoman for the same as my case is already outside normal processing time.

She was able to get the information from the USCIS.

My RFE was emailed to me, they need my 2 passport style photographs with my name written.

My question is should I wait for the notice or take the printout of the RFE document which was sent to me and respond it?

I asked the USCIS customer service representatives, one says wait for notice and the other says respond with the printout, its the same.

Hi @Ekta_Singh

You can respond with the printout of RFE notice.

Thank you so much. I appreciate your prompt response.I am praying it shouldn’t take long now atleast…Its more than 170 days

hi @Ekta_Singh - hope the EAD shall be approved the soonest. my wife’s is on the 60th day so far but on an E2 visa though.

Also, i didnt expect there are RFE’s for EAD application.

I know !! RFEs are nowadays common for EAD processing as well. Paystubs of spouse,W2s,photographs etc are general RFE for EAD. I received RFE for missing photographs.

@Ekta_Singh it really surprised me as I thought it should be a straight forward application.

I was in the same dilemma too,but I really hope it shouldn’t happen with you guys :crossed_fingers: .I am expecting they should change the status to ’ Response received ’ atleast by next week,photos have been delivered today noon.

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@Ekta_Singh have you heard about your application or updates so far?

Hi Kevin,
The status changed to ‘Response received’ on September 27th. No updates so far