L2 EAD Document Returned to USCIS Status

I applied for renewal of my L2 EAD on Feb 16th and the case was accepted on Feb 23rd by USCIS. On March 8th I received an email from USCIS that a document was returned by the Post office.

The email mentioned - Case Status: Card/Document Production

I requested for a resend of the document as per directions in the email. I received my I797 notice on March 22nd.

I am totally confused about the case status given in the email and the one shown in USCIS status tracking page.

USCIS site still shows status as "Document was returned to USCIS"

Has anyone seen something like this, any action to be taken by me for this?

Hi @nagashree.b

If you requested for the document to be resent, then they will resend it.
Don’t worry. You will get it.

Are you sure you have mentioned the address correctly?
I know that you just received the i797, so everything should be fine with USPS address.

If you can, just visit your local USPS post office and tell them about this issue.
Also, if you are living in an apartment, make sure you have written your LAST NAME inside the mail box. You will find a small white slip inside the mail box.

Sometimes, when printing the addresses on mails, the Apartment number is NOT printed, if it is mentioned on second line of address (on various address forms Address 2 line).

In that case, USPS mail man uses your LAST name to guess the delivery mail box.
If you have it written inside your mail box and there is no one with same last name in any other mail box, you will get it.

If not, then you would need to update your current address with USCIS before re-requesting the document to be sent.

Let me know ow if you need more information.

Thanks Anil for the prompt reply.

As you mentioned it was an issue with Address line2, i requested for a change of address to have everything on the same line.

Only after the address change I received the I-797.

I did call up the uscis toll-free number last month and raised the request for resending the document after the address change. Looks like they resent the I-797.

The service worker who spoke to me said my application was approved.

For my current EAD as well, the status was “Card/Document Production” just before the card was mailed to me.

So now, I dont know if its approved or still in process. Hoping i get it before my current EAD expires in June.

Hi @nagashree.b

Don’t worry. Your EAD is approved and card has already been produced.
So, it is just a matter of time that it is re-sent and delivered to your mail box by USPS.

You should get it within a week.

Hi, as mentioned earlier, I requested for resend of the document on April 9th. I see that the case history shows request completed on 3rd May. However I received the below content in an email response from USCIS on 4th May. What does this mean? Is there something I can do about this? Can I visit the local USCIS centre to check about this?

“Thank you for your inquiry. We recognize your interest in the final adjudication of your pending application/petition and are aware of the difficulties caused by any delay in processing. We regret we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will review your case but the California Service Center is committed to processing this workload. We will be making every effort to adjudicate your case in the most efficient manner based on our available resources. We appreciate your patience and understanding”

Hi @nagashree.b

This is a generic email that has been sent by USCIS automated system.

You should get your card by USPS within a week.

You can enroll on USPS website to get notifications about incoming mails with a picture of the package. This service is free.

I would suggest to wait for 5 working days and then contact USCIS if your card is still not received.

Thanks for the reassurance Anil. I called up USCIS customer care and they transferred me to an officer. The officer stated that my application is in progress and not yet approved. So its an incorrect status email sent, it was only a notice that was returned and not the card.
I am quite anxious, now that its already 80 days since i applied and I have only a month left before my current EAD expires.

Hi @nagashree.b
Ohh…so you your EAD card has not been approved yet.

This is a bit of trouble as the current waiting time for EAD application approvals is 4+ months

Yep, bad luck. They send “card/document production” in the email, which was really misleading.
Can i expedite this stating, i am currently employed and will face termination if its delayed? Would walking in to a local uscis centre with an appointment help?

Hi @nagashree.b

Unfortunately, the normal circumstances do not allow you to expedite the EAD processing.

USCIS does have a process to ask for expedited processing of EAD application but is highly limited to specific cases and its all based on USCIS discretion.

Loosing the job is NOT counted by USCIS as a valid reason for expedition request either.