L1b to H1B, H1B status is showing as Automatically revoked

Hi Anil, I am currently on L1B, and H1B is picked in lottery and currently its status showing as Auromatically revoked. What is this means, is H1B rejected?

Hi @MS1

What was the status earlier? Can you share the screen shot of your case history from USCIS site?

Hi Anil, here you go


Do you see my previous comment? Do you think its all over or is there any light I can expect? My employer did not sent any letter for withdraw to uscis.

Hi @MS1

I strongly feel that it is a wrong update. USCIS does not revoke anything without first giving a chance to prove your case.

What was asked in RFE?

Also, revocation is done only after the approval. Your H1B was never approved in first place. So, i think its a case of wrong update.

@Anil_Gupta Thanks for taking sometime to answer my question.

RFE is about employer business and job duties offered to employee and to prove it requires specialized skills.

Employer is a product based company, so not hiring me for any other client. Also position is VP of Technology.

What we can do in this type of situation? I am working with my attorney, he wants to wait till we get mail.

Is this could be because H1B is approved, as its change of status L1B is revoked?

As i said earlier, nothing can be said until you receive any official notice from USCIS. I don’t want to make any blind guess.

You are correct @Anil_Gupta, looks like something crazy happening, currently it shows ‘Case is Denied’ message. I will wait for hard copy.