L1b Blanket to L1B individual Dropbox eligibility Stamping Question

Hi, I came in USA on L1b blanket and now my company filed my visa extension from USA . It’s a L1b individual and it’s approved. Now I have plan to travel India. In this case am I eligible for Dropbox for stamping?


Please use this app to check for your Dropbox eligibility:

Thanks for reply.

In that Dropbox checker I have one little doubt on below question. My extension approved on L1b individual but previous petition was L1b blanket so I believe I have to select “yes”. Please confirm

I am applying for H,L(individual) or R visa now?

yes, you have to select “yes” on that question.

Thanks for quick reply.

Really appreciate it.

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Hi Perry,
Could you please update the outcome?

Anil, Do you know if the same type of case got visa stamping during COVID time.

Hey @Ricky what did you end up doing? Looks like the OP is no longer checking this website