L1A question - PED or Maxout date if I94 valid

Hi Anil,

I am on L1A with I797A petition end date of 8/3/2020, post this extension I traveled outside US and upon re-entry was provided I94 valid until 5/22/2022. My 7 year maxout date s on 9/13/2020.

My question, am I legal to stay and work in US until my 7 maxout date of 9/13/2020 as my I94 is valid or only till PED which is 8/3/2020.

Employer stated can work till maxout date but wanted to take your opinion.


You can work until max out date but you will need to Extend i94 to match the max out date.

You are illegal in US if you don’t apply for i94 Extension and keep staying after i94 expiry.

I am not clear per your response, post approval of 797 with validity till 8/3/20 I travelled outside US upon return was issued new I94 valid until 5/22/2022. I am ok till my 7 year maxout date of 9/13/20 or do i have to file PED extension? Thanks Anil

How are you staying in US without a valid i94?

Did you ask your employer? Have they filed your extension before i94 expiry?

When did I say my I 94 is not valid, 797A valid until August, 3rd 2020, I 94 valid until May, 22nd 2022, and have 7 year maxout on Sep 13th 2020. CBP should have given me I94 till Aug 3rd 2020 upon my last entry but actually gave me until 2022. I know my limit is at 7 year maxout.

Question is do i need extension before 797A expiring date or as I 94 is valid can work till maxout date Sep 13th 2020

Oops. My bad. I mixed up things.

You can stay and it is recommended to file the extension.