L1A maxout in December 16, 2020. Is it advisable to file i485, AP. Also, got selected in 2nd lottery for H1B

Hi Anil,

I need your advice on the below situation. How can i stay in US after applying i-485.

  1. My PD is May2019.
  2. i-140 is pending, for EB1C.
  3. Got a message from attorney is that now i am eligible for i-485 and AP.
  4. Also, got an email today that my name is picked up in the 2nd lottery for H1B cap (20-21)

Question :

Is it advisable to file the i485 ?
Since the time is short for my l1a timeout, I may not get the AP and EAD by Dec 16, 2020.
Can i continue my work on the basis of pending i485 ?
Can i utilise the H1B to stay in US ? Is it legal to apply for H1B while i maxout 7 years on L1A, and also i94 and L1A visa is expiring by 16th December, 2020 ?
If i file H1B can i legally stay in US and work till the time i didnt got the confirmation from US on my H1B visa (either approved or rejected )

Please let me know in case any queries on the above content.

thans and regards

You can work only if your i485 EAD has been approved.

You can stay in US based on pending i485.

Hi Sir,

Is there a rule that if my i140 is pending for more then 365 days, i am eligible for Change of status from L1A to H1B. I got selected for 2nd round of lottery.

My L1A is max out in December , 2020.

Thanks and regards
Moheet Bhatnagar