L1A & L2 Extension Processing Time with L2 Approval chances


You are simply doing great job by assisting many…
My Spouse’s company applying for L1A & L2 Extension in Jan2019 while our earlier petition getting over in Feb 2019…I am too working on L2
EAD…What is processing time for extension if we are Jersey City NJ…
I will be applying L2 EAD separately by attaching I-539 receipt of Extension is that correct as I don’t have any other options… Will USCIS will consider that my extension in processing to approve renewal of EAD… could you guide please


L2 EAD processing time

We track L1 EAD processing time here:

L2 EAD cannot be before L2 extension approval

You can apply L2 EAD with L2 extension receipt number but it won’t be approved until L2 extension is approved first.

Thank you for replying…whatever I understood from this is that USCIS consider L2 Extension receipt and wait to approve or denied status on L2 EAD until they know Extension status is that correct?
USCIS don’t give any denial on L2EAD without knowing Extension result is that correct?

Can you explain bit on L1A & L2 Extension processing time please… dint get that clearly.


File L2 and L2 EAD concurrently

The better way to apply L2 EAD is to apply ‘concurrently’ i. e. Send both L2 extension and L2 EAD application in same packet.
In this case both applications go to same USCIS service center and they wait for L2 extension result to work on L2 EAD application.

Filing L2 and L2 EAD separately

If you send them separately like you are planning, there is a possibility that both applications are processed at different centers.
In this case, we have seen that sometimes, the EAD application might receive RFE asking to submit L2 extension approval proof.

Ok…here my issue is that my spouse’s company seems be not interested to send L2 EAD with L2 Extension and that a problem so no option but have to send separately…

Do I have to attach any attorney letter with L2 EAD application explaining that L2 extension in processing…Or can I write any letter with application? Will they consider that?
Kindly confirm.
Thank you

There is no need to send a letter.
But, if you want to, you can add it to your application.

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Oh great to hear… thank you so much for your guidance…if needed further guidance I will trouble you :blush:

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Regret to bother again. One more assistance required.
In connection to above if L2 extension and L2 EAD is in processing so in that period can i ask my employer to apply for my H1b if yes and he apply meanwhile before H1b approval if L2 extension get denied then at the Time of H1b processing can I stay here or go back to India.

You can apply for H1B while you are waiting for L2 extension.

Not sure why would your L2 be denied? Any specific reason?
You can stay back if your i94 has not expired.

Thank you… Reason to worry about L2 be denied because in my husband’s office 2 L1A got denied recently & not sure about reason so don’t know what will happen… what are the different reasons for L1A rejection & how much % of rejection seen…can you guide

L1A rejection is a completely different matter than L2.

L2 is dependent visa and as long as your spouse’s L1A is approved, you should not worry.

L1A rejection is on rise these days because of strict criteria that USCIS is using. Previously, anybody could get it easily but now they are making it available for people who can prove they really deserve it.

Yes that’s the worry because L2 is completely depending on L1A Extension and my husband L1A too in extension now😊 hoping positive

Ohh…that’s the worry.

I though you are worried about individual L2 extension.
In that case, you should NOT stay in USA once your spouse’s L1A is denied.

It is better to stay outside US and wait for H1B approval.

Thank you for all possible answers.

Is any idea how much chances of L1A Extension approval in coming months and if denied then what can be reason…

Any chances that extension in processing and we can do Canada work visa also side by side…is any risk involved.

Well, there could be multiple reasons for L1 extension denial that’s based on job profile.

These days USCIS is denying L1s even when they found the same job qualified earlier. So, nobody can guess if what they will do now.

Yes, you can apply for Canada PR in parallel.

Hi ,

I am back again . Need more advice. how soon we get PR if we have work visa in hand and have IELTS scores as well. what is minimum IELTS Score require to get Canadian PR? if have work visa and without work visa.

One more query: As confirmed earlier My Husband’s company filing for our L1A & L2 extension but we have not yet received I-539 and i need to apply for L2-EAD renewal before 12th Feb to continue working. If i apply without I-539 So EAD may get reject(Is that correct) or is it fine i apply for l2 EAD Renewal and is any otherway i can submit them I-539 Copy later?

I have split your question and created Canadian PR question in Canada category:

File L2 EAD without L2 extension

There is no way you can send L2 Extension receipt after filing application unless you get an RFE to send i-539.

I do not suggest applying for L2 EAD without L2 extension receipt.

Ok Thank you so much. but if i apply L2 EAD after 12th Feb may be 1 week later will they accept as renewal or no?
Or application should reach before 12th feb. Kindly confirm

You can apply anytime for renewal of L2 EAD. There is no such requirement of applying before its expiry.

Please note that you will have to STOP working if your EAD expires.

Ok . Thanks for confirming that i can apply after 12th Feb too.

That works as my employer will allow me to take break till i apply and get receipt.
Thank you once again.

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