L1A extension approved, L2 and EAD pending. Converted in Premium after Biometric, Received RFE


I filled L1A, L2 and EAD extension altogether in single package on Aug 31, and after L2 biometric I Converted request into Premium, and after 3 days I received RFE for L1.

I got L1 Approval (On 19 Oct) after 10 days of sending RFE response, My wife’s L2 and EAD is still pending, it is already 12Days now, Is there still chance that it is already approved and status is not updated yet?

please suggest how should I proceed further


The status will get updated online if it gets approved.

If it has not, then it should be pending.

Is it still possible that they will process this as part of premium package?

It depends on the USCIS officer. I can’t say.

Hi, did you hear back on EAD ?