L1A extension approved, L2 and EAD pending. All 3 filed in premium processing

My employer filed for my L1A extension and my wife’s L2 and EAD extension in single package in premium processing.

My L1 extension approval on USCIS website was posted on April 8’th.
However, my wife’s L2 and EAD extensions are still pending. Usually the decision come together and its been 9 days already but there is no update for L2 and EAD applications.

Should i be calling USCIS and/or can I do anything to expedite my case?

Kindly suggest.

The premium processing is just a courtesy extended by USCIS for dependent applications.

It may or may not be extended for all cases.

Thank you Anil for prompt reply.

Please advise

1: Since it’s already been 9 days over when my approval came, can I still expect my spouse L2 and EAD would be processed as in premium or it won’t be considered now.
2: Usually in how many days after L1 approval, L2 and EAD approval comes. Does it come at the same time or there is some delay of a week or 2.
3: My wife EAD is valid till 7th May, should I do be reaching to USCIS and try expediting the case like talking to congressman or not for now?

Kindly suggest.

Thank you!

Usually, the dependent’s cases are also approved within 1-15 days of primary case approval in premium.

I cannot really say if your L2 EAD and L2 is being considered in regular queue at this time.
I would still wait for another week to reach any conclusion.

You can raise an EAD expedite request but chances are low for its approval.

Hi Aman,
Did you receive approval of L2 and EAD. I am in the similar dates processing of yours. L1 approved on April 11. L2 and EAD cases in received status yet.



No there is no update from USCIS yet. Case status is still showing case received for both L2 and EAD.

I am planning to expedite the case.


I have requested for an expedite on my case based on severe financial loss expedite criteria through uscis along with a letter from employer for my EAD, the expedite request was denied last week. Please let me know your experience.



Did your employer mention Financial loss to company/employer? Also, if you feel comfortable, would you mind sharing details like what else did you send as evidential proof?
We are yet to hear from USCIS on what they would need. Just registered for expedite on phone. Assuming, USCIS would next ask for documents to support the case (Or would they directly respond with - Accept or Deny?)
Would be helpful if you share your experience as you are a step ahead :slight_smile:

Hi @eadaspirant and @Aman_Kumar

See this case where the EAD request was approved by USCIS.

I think the major factor is the Medical documents of parents treatment and expenses that @madisudhan had including financial loss.

USCIS generally does not approve expedite request unless it is really an emergency.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for pointing to this case. This looks very similar to our case.

  1. Though we do not have Medical Bills for treatment (God forbid!) but in place of that would other expenses proofs like - House rent, Day Care expenses and all such household expenses for a family of 4 work here?
  2. Both L2 and EAD is pending - If we request expedite processing for EAD - does that mean L2 would still be processed under normal processing timelines?
  3. For a valid Work Authorization - wouldn’t just EAD Extension suffice? (L2 Extn in pending state) because organization normally ask for a copy of EAD only.


Well, i think (i am not sure though) that the medical expenses was the main thing that would have prompted the USCIS case officer to consider the expedite request as an exception.

All other proofs are normal and does not call for an expedited approval as the situation is same for everyone waiting for their EAD card.

Hi @Anil_Gupta
Yes, I do agree that they are very specific about expedite requests and medical treatment documents addition to their case made the case to be accepted for expedited processing.
L2 EAD wont be considered for financial loss as L1 is already working.
I have submitted expedite request as financial loss to the company and the letter from my employer stated the same that they will be under financial loss in my absence. I did not submit any other documents apart from this. However, my expedite request was denied.
My current EAD was expired 15 days ago and i am on loss of pay for 15 more days. I have tried reaching out to congressmen, senator… but i did not see any status change on my case yet.
Please let me know if anything works for you.


Hi @eadaspirant
We got a reply back from USCIS asking for supporting documents, on receipt of the same they would review the case.
Not really sure which way to proceed - self financial loss definitely would not work, financial loss to company alone - would it suffice?
Any update for your case from Congressman, Senator? As per my understanding, the request you filed and the one from Congressman are two different requests. In both cases you gave ‘letter from employer’ as the only evidence?


Hi @Aman_Kumar
I did not receive any updates from congressman,senator. I did submit only the expedite letter from employer which was not considered as an expedite request. You can give a try with all of your case information with a cover letter, it really depends on the officer who will review your case.
Did you receive an email from USCIS asking you to send the documents?
Please keep me updated on how it goes.


Sure, I would keep you posted. No, it was by post that I received a mail asking additional information to be sent through an email.

I have received an email asking me to send evidence. I have received my L2 Approval Notice today. But my online case status still shows as case was received. I am still waiting for my EAD approval.


That’s good news! A ray of hope that you EAD also might have been processed, quite highly likely. You would hear about EAD soon.
Through Congressman or by self, did you expedite for both L2 and EAD? As in did you give receipt number etc. for both of them together?
Also, did you receive this email for additional evidence for EAD?


You mentioned your expedite request was denied last week. L2 approval is result of Expedite request or normal processing?

Hi @Aman_Kumar
Yes, I did expedite for both L2 and EAD through congressman. The expedite request that was raised through USCIS is only for EAD. L2 was a normal process I guess. I got the approval exactly 2 weeks after L1 approval.
Yes, hopefully EAD should be approved this week. But, I have applied EAD separately based on receipt notices of L1 and L2. So, I am bit worried about having a RFE or direct approval on EAD. I am close to 120 days on my EAD received date. So, I am expecting something sooner.
Did you receive response on your expedite request.

An update to my case ‘card is being produced’ yesterday. Congressmen/Senator expedite would have worked in my case.


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