L1A + EB1C + India born + UK Passport


Just been going through the forums now and see a lot of useful information.

My L1A was processed last year and I moved to the US earlier this year.
I am currently in the process of applying for GC under EB1C and have some queries.

  1. EAD vs Consular processing.
    Is Consular processing faster compared to EAD.
    Do you still need the PD to be current for consular processing?
    Is it worth considering this option at all?

  2. I see that the current PD for EB1 is May-2017 and provided my company applies for GC soon(in the next month or so), I would still have 6+ years buffer. With the current movement of dates, do you think 6 years is sufficient?

  3. Worst case scenario, Is there any other option for UK passport holders to stay here legally beyond the 7 year threshold other than converting to H1 or H4?

When I started thinking of moving to the US in 2017/2018, EB1C was always current and I did not anticipate the sudden change/backlog.
With the current situation what do you guys suggest is the best way ahead.

I still have the option of going back to the UK and work for the same company, but wanted to gauge all options and be prepared for the best.

Appreciate your time and thanks in advance.


You are comparing apple with oranges.

EAD and consular processing are two separate things.

Consular processing only means that you get your visa or green card outside US (from US embassy).

EAD is an open work authorization and can only be applied and approved if you are physically in USA.

Green card application can be approved only if your date is current in ‘final action’ chart of visa bulletin.

Thanks for the quick reply Anil.
I’m new to the whole process, and still reading a lot of articles.
Do you think the date will become current for EB1 anytime soon?