L1 L2 extension under premium processing

My spouse is on L1 and I have a L2 with EAD approved till May 2019. If we file for L1/L2 and EAD extension concurrently under premium processing will we get the response for all three application in a timeline of couple of months?

You can get results within 15 days of it is a premium processing.

Hi Anil,

Will I get results for all 3 applications i.e L1, L2 and EAD application within 15 days?

Its not guaranteed but most if the time dependent application is also processed in premium by USCIS as a courtesy.

Thanks for the quick reply Anil.

I have to travel to India in June. If my L1, L2 is extended by that time and EAD is still pending, will my travel affect the EAD processing? The reason for asking this is that when I applied for EAD initially I had travelled back after application and it didnt affect the processing. I am not sure how it works during extension.

It may or may not affect EAD processing. The chances are 50-50.

L2 EAD may receive an RFE asking for valid L2 status which can be maintained only when you are physically present in US.