L1 B visa Approval Rate


My L1B visa is expiring in last week of Feb 2020.

My company has filed the extension on 7th November.

Can you let me know the approval rate and by when can I get the notice of the decision.

The application has been sent to California Service Center. The company has also filed the EAD and “L2” visa for my spouse.
Can you please let me know the estimate time to wait for same to get the result/Decision.

The approval rate cannot be defined. It depends on your company, kind of work you do and the paperwork submitted.

You can check the current L2 EAD processing time here.

Thanks for the information.

By when can I expect the result. What is the average processing time for California Service Center.

Let me know please

Did you check the processing time link o shared? It has the average processing time for California.