L1-A extension stamping in London or Mexico

(Saif) #1

My L1-A visa is expired and already have an approved L1-A extension I-797. I am visiting UK. Can I get the extended L!-A stamped at US Consulate in London? Or for that matter can it be done at Tijuana as well?


(Anil Gupta) #2

Legally, you can apply for US visa stamping in any US embassy.

But, the best option is home country.

(Saif) #3

Hi, A follow-up on the same…
I assume I will need to complete DS-160 application as well prior to setting up the appt.
There is footnote which states that in some cases for visa extensions, the interview might be waived. Does it apply for L1 extension?


(Anil Gupta) #4

You can check if you are eligible for interview waiver here if you are appearing in India.

This facility is called dropbox.