Just class 12 certificate is good or reason for no birth certificate is required?

My partner hasn’t got his name mentioned on his birth certificate.

Can we attach class 12 certificate?

Just attaching class 12 certificate is enough or we have to give reason as well for not attaching birth certificate?

Birth certificate is required

Indian Birth certificate is mandatory as per official Australian PR requirements.

Write Name on Birth Certificate by Hand

You can write the name on Birth certificate by hand if there is space to write. This is acceptable.

Class Xth certificate instead of Birth Certificate

You can use class Xth birth certificate instead of Birth Certificate but then you have to submit a letter from birth certificate issuing authority saying that they do not issue birth certificates.

It is easier to get Birth certificate from India!

Hi Anil,

I got the invite for 189 earlier this week.

I don’t have the birth certificate and have used class 10th certificate/ passport in the past. I’m in the US right now.

It seems there is a process to request the birth certificate from the local municipality in India. We have been told that it may take anywhere between 6-10 weeks to get the document.

Is there a way for us to expedite this process?

Indian Consulate provides a miscellaneous service ‘Birth Certificate as per Passport’. Will this suffice? Here is the link to that service:


For the current 189 application can we use 10th certificate along with passport instead of the birth certificate document and wait for the CO to request for the birth certificate?

Or do you recommend creating another EOI once we have the birth certificate? We have 80 points.

Appreciate your help.

I think that the birth certificate issued by Indian embassy should work as it is the official government agency.