Is witness signature is required on POA

Hi Anil,

I need your help on clarifying my question. I drafted an POA and went to Chase bank for Notary attestation along with my friend for witness signature. The notary person said, no need of witness signature as you have your valid id. After seeing this blog, i saw everybody mentioned to have witness signature. Does it make any problem if i send this POA to SFO Counselate and even if through it counselate does it make any problem while doing registration in india.

Please let me know asap!

If you do not get witness signatures here in USA, you will be required to have them in India.

The witness signature is Indian government’s requirement for a registered POA.

For that, the person is having power can get it done right, Please let me know.

My suggestion is to get witness signature in US.

Ok Anil. Does it make any problem if i submit the document without signature at Indian consulate.

One More question, today i went for getting attestation to chase bank for support doc like Passport, Visa, I94 and address proof. He told me to prepare one document asking to add document detail to be notarized. So i prepared one document listing the documents to be notarized and met him. He added one additional sheet (for all the documents to be notarized) in which he mentioned “All typed Document” and put a notarize seal on it. Is it sufficient to submit to Consulate!

Please let me know.

Mani T

This is sufficient.

There is no written documentation about witness signature on POA. It is your choice if you want to follow what i told or follow your own path.

OK Anil. Thank you so much for your timely clarification.

Mani T

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