Is there chances of getting Canada PR with CRS Score of 403?

Is there chances of getting an Canada PR with CRS of 403 for Software Engineers?
What is the minimum CRS score is required to get Canada PNP PR?

Hi @Saridha_Venkatesan

At this time, there is no chance to get Canada PR invite with 403 points.

The current score to have realistic chance is 450+.

Is there a chances of getting PNP PR

Hi @Saridha_Venkatesan

If the state invites you, then yes but the state criteria is even tougher to invite.

As per August 1st draw CRS score for software engineer is reduced to 435… do you think still this score will get reduced…Do you think wise decision to start the PR process having CRS score 400 ?? Kindly suggest…

Hi @Saridha_Venkatesan

There is no harm in trying.